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Admission procedure for international students to full-time 1st, 2nd and long-cycle studies in English for the academic year 2018-2019


If you come from abroad and you have a different nationality than Polish – you can find the most important information on how to apply and what documents you need to do it.

A website is dedicated to people who can study in Poland under the same rules as Polish citizens. That means that full-time studies are free of charge, but for part-time studies tuition fee applies.

If you have Pole’s Card (Karta Polaka), a permanent residence card or EU long-term residence, you have been granted refugee status or a subsidiary protection in Poland, you are a citizen of one of the European Union or EFTA countries or a family member of a migrant worker living in Poland you are on the right website. More details about study possibilities under those rules can be found in the Polish legal act Law about higher education (article 43 paragraph 2 and 5a). If you are not sure if you have rights to study on the same terms as Polish citizens do – you can always contact International Relations Office (IRO).

If you do not have documents from the list above – you can study only on tuition fee basis. Please go to: for more information. The tuition fee for studies at the University of Lodz is about 2000-3000 EUR per year depending on the field of study.

If you have been granted a scholarship by the National Agency of Academic Exchange (e.g. scholarship for Polonia, Stefan Banach sholarship or Ignacy Łukasiewicz scholarship) – we kindly ask you not to register on our on-line application systems, but contact Ms Agnieszka Łukawska via the e-mail address:

How to start

Firstly you have to register in our on-line application system (IRK). Please, be aware that your name and surname must be written as it is in your passport. After that you have to choose the study field. You have to pay the recruitment fee with amount of 70 PLN per every programme you are applying for.

After you pay the recruitment fee and your school-leaving certificate is issued you have to remember to finish your application by uploading documents – you can do this in the step no. 1. Documents that must be upload in the system:

1.      school-leaving certificate/ diploma with transcript of records;

2.      polish translation of school-leaving certificate/ diploma with transcript of records;

3.      passport (or ID if you are EU citizen);

4.      document which allows to study under same rules as Polish citizens (Pole’s Card, permanent residence card, EU national ID, other);

5.       a Polish/ an English language certificate.

Due to necessity of converting grades from your school certificates/diplomas we kindly ask to upload documents as soon as possible (latest until the last day of recruitment, until 12:00 CET). Please inform IRO that documents have been uploaded in system.

Dean of the Faculty to which a candidate applies, indicates and converts grades form high school leaving certificate/diploma obtained abroad. Grades calculated by the Dean after being accepted by the Rector of the UL are put in the IRK system by the UL’s Student Service Centre. Please note that in order apply for some programmes, grade from Polish language in high school certificate is required.


I am in! – what’s next?

If after recruitment process you can see in your account an information that you are qualified to study at UL you must deliver originals of documents listed below as soon as possible to International Relations Office (until the date written in recruitment schedule):

1.  singed application form for appropriate programme printed out from the IRK online enrolment platform,

2.  an original of the high school leaving certificate or the Bachelor’s degree diploma, stamped with an Apostille (or legalized in a Polish Embassy in its country of origin*),

3.  an original of the eligibility statement stating that certificate/diploma gives the right to study at the university level or continue education on Master’s level in the country it was issued stamped by the Higher Education Authorities (not applicable for EU/ EEA/OECD countries, Ukraine, Belarus, China),

4.  a formal certificate of proficiency in the Polish or English language,

5.  a copy of the passport (page with a picture),

6.  1 photo (in case of applying to Faculty of Law and Administration or the Branch of the UL in Tomaszow Mazowiecki),

7.  A copy of the document that entitles the applicant to study at the same rules as Polish citizen’s (Pole’s Card, permanent residence card, EU national ID, other),

8.  a valid proof of health insurance for basic medical treatment in Poland,

9. a medical examination certificate stating there are no health contraindications for undertaking studies on chosen field of studies at the University of Lodz download template (candidates applying for the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection or Faculty of Chemistry are obliged to do the medical check-up after arriving to Poland with the previously picked up referral from the University of Lodz),

10. a valid visa or a residence permit (Karta Pobytu), or any other document that entitles the applicant to stay legally in Poland,

11. a statutory obligation (link).

* Secondary education certificates issued by some countries require recognition process (nostryfikacja) at the Board of Education (it is not applicable to certificates from the EU, the EEA, OECD, Ukraine, Belarus and China). Recognition has to be done maximum until the end of first semester.

The listed above documents are needed for all foreign candidates. Only after presenting the originals of the above mentioned documents, a candidate will officially become student of the University of Lodz. Please bear in mind that due to Polish law’s requirement documents will have to be translated by a sworn translator into Polish after your arrival to Poland.


Attachment no. 1 - a sample of medical examination certificate

Attachment no. 2 - a sample of the statutory obligation



BA studies (1st cycle) and long cycle (5 years) studies

-    registration, uploading documents in the system and payment of a registration fee: 9th of May 2018 till 9th of July 2018;

-    list of selected candidates – 17th of July 2018

-    submitting original documents – 18th July 2018 to 21st of July 2018

-    documents sent by traditional post will be accepted until 24th of July 2018 (with a post stamp at 21st of July 2018).


MA studies (2nd cycle)
-      registration, uploading documents in system and payment of a registration fee: 9th of May 2018 to 16th of July 2018;
-      Entrance exams/interviews – 20th of July to 22nd of July 2018
-      List of selected candidates – 25th of July 2018
-      submitting the originals of documents – 26th July 2018 to 30th of July 2018
-    Documents sent by traditional post will be accepted until 2nd of August 2018 (with a post stamp at 30th of August 2018).


Place to submit documents and main contact:

International Relations Office

at the University of Lodz
3 Uniwersytecka Street, room no. 1

90-137 Łódź

tel.: (+48 42) 635 42 37


Bank account details of University of Lodz

SWIFT PKOPPLPW  II O/ŁódŹ PeKaO SA 90-361 Łódź, ul. Piotrkowska 270


Where to live

All students have a right to apply for a place in a dormitory. Candidates wanting to get a place in the dormitory, please submit the filled in application form with the rest of documents for studies. The decision about granting the place in dormitory will be sent to you at the end of August. The cost of dormitories is from 280 to 440 PLN per month (depends on the dormitory).

Attachment no. 3  - sample of the accommodation request 



Those of students who study under the same rules as Polish citizens do (an exception – see below), can apply for a social scholarship, a social scholarship for the disabled students and allowance. If you wish to apply for any of scholarships mentioned above please contact a Students Service Centre:

THE EXCEPTION: Students from EU countries members and EFTA with their families can not apply for those scholarships.



 1. Law by 27th of July 2005 on higher education (Journal of Law 2016 item 1842 with changes);

2. Decree of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education by 12th of October 2006 (Journal of Law no. 190, item 1406 by 2009, no. 176, item 1365 and by 2015 item 1112 with changes);


Przydatne linki i informacje

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